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Today’s Music Line-Up

Baker Drivetrain Night! Featuring The Baker Burnout

12noon – Slow Clap
2:00pm – Farrell Webber Band
3:00pm – Loud Pipes Contest
4:00pm – Farrell Webber Band
6:00pm – 7 Bridges Road (Eagles Tribute)
8:00pm – Hells Bells (AC/DC Tribute)
9:30pm – Baker Burnout
10:30pm – Edge of Forever (Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute)
Saturday, October

Friday night is Baker Drivetrain Night! Featuring The Baker Burnout

DSC_1174 Do you have what it takes to be crowded king? If so make sure you show up early to show the B crew you mean business!


Support our vendors

Vendors have a very important role at all of our rallies and we appreciate their devotion to set up with us. Be sure to stop by and meet some of this year’s vendors,

Boogey Lights®  Lighting bikes for over 20 years.  We specialize in show-quality motorcycle LED lights for bikes of all makes and models. Our products are installed at events and motorcycle rallies around the country by us and our independent dealers. For those of you who'd like to save some big bucks, you can do this yourself.   Take a look at our instructional videos and read our install instructions to see how easy it is to install Boogey Lights. When you're ready, simply place your order here using our secure shopping cart.   Awesome Products and  Total Customer Satisfaction Our customers love us! Why? Because our products are awesome and so is our customer service. Our lifetime LED warranty is for real.     For over twenty years we've offered ONLY motorcycle accent lighting products & accessories. Since 1989 we've maintained this focus and we've frequently lit multiple bikes for the same satisfied customers. The bottom line is that people love our products and they enjoy doing business with us.


If you are looking for a new home to showcase your company, please contact Barb Porto. We are accepting vendors applications for the 2011 Daytona Bike Week.

Today’s music line up

Cycle Source & Limpnickie Night! Featuring Miss Limpnickie Contest

1:00pm – Slow Clap
4:00pm – Loud Pipes Contest
5:00pm – Slow Clap
7:00pm – Farrell Webber Band
9:00pm – Straight Shooter (Bad Company Tribute)
11:00pm – Houses of the Holy (Led Zeppelin Tribute)

Are you the next Ms. Double Bubble?


Are you able to outshine your competitors? If so, be sure to join us the Spoke on Oct 14 thru the 16th at Midnight to take home the honors of Ms. Double Bubble. The crowd will be there to help decide the winner and it could be you!

                                            More Contests Every Night!’

Loud Pipes, German Stein-Holding, Sexy Silhouette and Male Pole Dancing

Limpnickie Lot night at the Broken Spoke


We can’t guarantee that this year’s Limpnickie Lot night at the Broken Spoke Saloon will get this hot but if we know the guys, it will be entertaining for all! Be sure to stop by on Thursday night and meet some of the next generation builders.

Our entertainment line up for the night is

7:00pm – Farrell Webber Band

9:00pm – Straight Shooter (Bad Company Tribute)

11:00pm – Houses of the Holy (Led Zeppelin Tribute)

Be on the lookout

We are proud to announce that Jack McIntyre of BIKERPICS.ORG will be shooting each evening from 8pm until 11pm Thurs – Sat during Biketoberfest. Jack’s impeccable work has been seen in countless magazines and his eye is amazing.


See you at the Broken Spoke Saloon!

Don’t forget!

The Sexy Silhouette contest is on once again for Daytona Biketoberfest!

Biker’s Pocket Guide for Biketoberfest


Be sure to grab your copy of the Biker’s Pocket Guide for Biketoberfest. They will be available at the Broken Spoke Saloon during the rally. See you there!


Jay meets Paul Sr.

DSC_3530 Check out the Paul Sr. interview on American Chopper "Senior vs. Junior" on TLC, Thursday 10/7 at 8pm EST! Paul Sr. was interviewed by Susan Traub of Iron Horse Magazine and Jay Allen, at the Broken Spoke Campground in Sturgis.

Don’t miss a thing during Biketoberfest!

DSC_0533With Biketoberfest right around the corner, we wanted to make sure that you have the latest entertainment line up. You should copy this, so you don’t miss any of the non-stop action. We are in the process of getting the bar ready and can’t wait to party with you!

Wednesday, October 13th

1:00pm – Joe Santana

4:00pm – Loud Pipes Contest

5:00pm – Joe Santana

7:00pm – Farrell Webber Band

9:00pm – Black Water (Doobie Brothers Tribute)

11:00pm – 7 Bridges Road (Eagles Tribute)

Thursday, October 14th

Cycle Source & Limpnickie Night! Featuring Miss Limpnickie Contest

4:00pm – Loud Pipes Contest

7:00pm – Farrell Webber Band

9:00pm – Straight Shooter (Bad Company Tribute)

11:00pm – Houses of the Holy (Led Zeppelin Tribute)

Friday, October 15th

Baker Drivetrain Night! Featuring The Baker Burnout

2:00pm – Farrell Webber Band

3:00pm – Loud Pipes Contest

4:00pm – Farrell Webber Band

6:00pm – 7 Bridges Road (Eagles Tribute)

8:00pm – Hells Bells (AC/DC Tribute)

9:30pm – Baker Burnout

10:30pm – Edge of Forever (Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute)

Saturday, October 16th

S&S Night! Featuring The S&S Smokeout

2:00pm – Farrell Webber Band

3:00pm – Loud Pipes Contest

4:00pm – Farrell Webber Band

6:00pm – Houses of the Holy (Led Zeppelin Tribute)

8:00pm – Edge of Forever (Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute)

9:30pm – S&S Smokeout

10:30pm – Hells Bells (AC/DC Tribute)

More Contests Every Night!

German Stein-Holding

Sexy Silhouettes

Male Pole Dancing

Double Bubble

The Broken Spoke Saloon is located at 1151 N. US Highway 1 – Ormond Beach, Florida


We are revving up for this years Biketoberfest. The bands have been booked and we are stoked to bring back Joe Santana, Farrell Webber Band, Houses of Holy, Hells Bells and Edge of Forever. Be sure to watch our website for updates.

New Broken Spoke DVD heading your way


Here’s to another successful year of the BAKER Smoke-Down Showdown at our new home, the Broken Spoke County Line!


Press release by Trish Horstman

Being the originators of the drag race style, head-to-head burnout competition in Sturgis, BAKER was prepared to make this year more monumental than any year before, and we did just that! We put over 20 builders, during two nights, poised 6 feet in the air on our amazing Burnout Cage built by the legendary Wink Eller and Jay Allen. These industry giants went head-to-head, two-by-two until in the end, both nights, only one man was left standing… and both nights it was the same guy!

The competition changed a little this year: we took out the element of BAKER judges and put in a fool proof system. We checked for 1st gear, you do the burnout, you hit an indicator button to declare you’re in 5th gear, we check for 5th, and if you are: you win! So it made the competition more exciting and fast paced – no longer was it first to 5th, but also fastest on the button!

When all the smoke cleared, the winner both nights was, without a doubt, Kevin Alsop of Big Bear Choppers.

BAKER Drivetrain would like to send out a huge thank you to all who participated and to our generous sponsors: Spectro Oils, Biker’s Choice and Indian Motorcycles of Chicago. Also thanks to the folks who dove in at the last minute to fill spaces left by guys who bailed. Your spontaneity and desire for burnt rubber is only matched by our gratitude! We would also like to thank Jay Allen and the Broken Spoke Saloon for hosting our nights of mayhem!


Hoka Hey winner receives his big check

Main photo by Geno Stull


Everyone was on pins and needles to see if the promoter, John Red Cloud, would come through with his promise for rewarding William Barclay the 500,000 check for completing the Hoka Hey Challenge. Well he did and the response from the crowd was overwhelming. I spoke to many riders and it wasn’t about the money, it was about the journey! Most of them seemed to have a new way of looking at things and seemed to be at peace. If this could be the outcome of any race, maybe more people should take part in it, the world would be such a happier place.


Thank you Laura Lynn and Lucas Hoge

IMG_0663Laura Lynn and Lucas Hoge entertained the crowd at the pool daily with their sweet country sounds. They also made every Mojo contest VERY interesting!!!!!


Be sure to catch Lucas weekly on The Last Chance Highway or do us a favor and catch him on tour.

Thanks for joining the Mayor of Fun!!!!

                 Welcome to the Biggest Biker Pool in Sturgis!

IMG_0698Big thanks to everyone that took a dip with Bean’re at his daily pool party. What a great way of cooling down after riding the Black Hills all day!

IMG_0696             We all felt safe knowing this guy had our backs!!!!



                                            See you next year!!!!!


Big thanks to the crew at for covering the Broken Spoke Campground for us. The day was awesome, starting with the Michael Lichter and Sugar Bear ride and capping off the night with .38 Special.

IMBBA Hall of Fame

All photos courtesy of IMBBA photographer Jack Mcintyre

Three legendary master bike builders joined the International Master Bike Builders’ Hall of Fame at the 70th Anniversary of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally:   Master Bike Builders Ron Finch, Bob McKay & Mondo Porras.

The stage was filled with master bike builders and icons from the motorcycle industry, who enjoyed a night of camaraderie in front of a packed crowd of supporters, Sunday night, Aug. 8, 2010 at Broken Spoke Campground, 79 North, Sturgis, SD.

Jay Allen and Radical Randy of Broken Spoke were on stage when fellow hall of fame bike builder, Paul Yaffe of Bagger Nation upstaged Ron Finch with an impersonation of "Ron Finch."


Thank you!!!!


                               Wow , what a fantastic rally!!!!

We would like to take a moment and thank each and every camper and to the die-hard bikers that rode out to party at the County Line. IMG_0547

We would also like to thank the vendors for your ongoing support of the Broken Spoke Campground.  

See you next year!!!!

Big Thanks to NBC for covering the Wall That Heals


We would like to thank Justin Wickersham for covering the Wall That Heals opening ceremonies and helped us cast light on this special event.

Baker Show-Down Smokeout is tonight


The Wall That Heals Closing Ceremonies

Please join us for a special ceremony as we salute those who gave all for us. The closing ceremonies begin at 6pm by the wall. We would like to thank the organizers and staff for their dedication for casting light on this very important cause

Free concert tonight

Tonight we are treating you a free concert with Kentucky Headhunters and Black Stone Cherry, tell a friend and head over to the Spoke. The beer is always cold and the bartenders are hot!!!!


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