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East Coast vs. West Coast Bike Build-Off

East Coast vs. West Coast Bike Build-Off
Paul Cox (Brooklyn, NY) vs. Chica (Huntington Beach, CA)
Broken Spoke Saloon – Laconia Motorcycle Week, June 13 – 21, 2009

Indian Larry’s sidekick, Paul Cox is ready to put an East Coast ass-kickin’ on the legend Chica, from Japan. Paul is one of the most detail-oriented builders in motorcycle customizing. His bikes are lean and mean – not to mention with no front breaks, and a suicide shifter – and Paul Cox rides them on the streets of Brooklyn, New York as aggressive as a junk yard dog!

Chica, the samurai of bike builders has rarely lost on the Discovery build-offs or in bike shows entered. Like Paul, Chica is a one man wrecking crew. He fabricates his bikes on a concrete floor with zero bike stands in his shop. Employees don’t last long as they can’t keep up with his grueling hours of non-stop work. As far as what he’s been working on for Laconia – Chica says if they made Easy Rider in Japan, Peter Fonda would be riding his Laconia Build-Off Bike!

Everyone is invited to come along on the Shakedown Ride with Paul Cox, Chica and me, Jay Allen. Plus don’t forget that you decide the winner – voting starts on Thursday, June 18th.

Keep the Shiny Side up and the Rubber Side Down – and I’ll see you at the Spoke!

– Jay Allen


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