World's Biggest Biker Bar

Laconia Lives!

The Broken Spoke Saloon

Hey Guys and Gals,
First off I want to thanks each and every one of you that showed up at the Broken Spoke Saloon in Laconia! We all expect rain when we head up to Laconia and this year the Rain Gods did not disappoint. The amazing thing to me was how full the Spoke was at all times, it seemed that there wasn’t an empty spot for bikes all week long. That’s what I love about the riders up north, rain or shine, they are always willing to ride!! Every day we had a new and very cool vintage bike show as the riders parked their vintage bikes through out The Broken Spoke. The Broken Spoke girls worked the crowd into an frenzy and the bands kicked ass!

The coolest thing to witness was the true workmanship of Paul Cox and Chica. For the Biker Build Off it was based on the recession, both men had to look around their shops and pull a bike together from what they had lying around. By the time they got up to Laconia , Chica had his chopper ready and Paul had to adjust a few things. I got to watch Chica walk up to Paul and side-by-side they worked on Paul’s ride till 3:00 in the morning to get it ready for the Shakedown Ride at ten am. Both bikes ran flawlessly on the ride and when the bikes took the stage, the crowd went nuts. Paul won the Build Off with a 5% margin but in my eyes they are both winners. Since the event , both of them have stated how exciting it was. It is very cool when you work on a event and it all turns out great!
Every night we did have a walk thru from the local law enforcement at 11 and they stated that The Broken Spoke was the only happening spot. Man, those were some great words to hear. I want to thank everyone again for a great week and remember The Broken Spoke Laconia location is open until Nov. 1st!!! Up next is Sturgis where we have rides planned with the legendary Sugarbear and Michael Lichter, The Cycle Source Magazine Ride and Bike Show, the unveiling of the Legends Gallery, nightly bands, the new Spoke-2-Spoke shuttle and so much more. Please check out our site, bring your bathing suit and have a guaranteed great time!
Till next time,
Keep the Shiny Side up and the Rubber Side Down – and I’ll see you at the Spoke!

Jay Allen


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