World's Biggest Biker Bar

Broken Spoke Saloon Surpass Attendance Records In Sturgis!

Photos are by the lovely Colleen Swartz

Hey Everybody,
Boy what a crazy busy week! I am tired but it is a great feeling to know that we did it this year. I have busting my ass all year long to make this year Sturgis the best places for riders to experience in Sturgis. Well folks the numbers are in and they are overwhelming, new attendance records were set at the Original Broke Spoke Saloon on Lazelle Street and the extended version, The Broken Spoke Campground on the County Line.
The maiden Broken Spoke Saloon housed a display of the Next Generation and Beyond Builders Motorcycles and the spectators received one on one time with Brian Elliott of Black Sunshine Customs featured his Goldy Locks motorcycle that is featured in the September issue of Cycle Source, Rod Davis of Stripped Down Cycles and his bike that took the trophy at a recent Horse Magazine Chop-off contest and Scott Williams of Williams Originals, whose Lil Sling Shot build won a recent Limpnickie Lot award during the Easyrider Bike Show Tour. Business was non-stop for this Sturgis landmark!

From all accounts, the Broken Spoke Campground on the County Line became it’s own little town. Partygoers and campers could experience the Biggest Drive- In Biker Bar, the Limpnickie Lot, The Good Ol’ Days Racetrack, Vendors Village and The American Motor Dome. This year was very special as the Moving Wall was on site for the spectators to experience. “I truly believe it brought The Broken Spoke great karma,” stated Jay. “ If you needed a place to kick back and cool down, we had that available for you. It’s known as the Biggest Biker Pool and you could get a cold one served to you by the hottest bikini clad Spoke Girls.”

The week was filled with great times, two of them being the Sugarbear and Michael Litcher Ride and the opening of the Legends Gallery. Well over 300 people attended the ride that ended at an amazing 30,000-acre ranch where everybody, including Sugarbear, handled the ropes to barrel racing with their own scoots. The night was capped off by the amazing standing room only opening of the Legends Gallery, which contained some Famous Motorcycles, the awesome photography from Colleen Swartz and Speed King’s Jeff Cochran. You could also lay your eyes on some jaw-dropping paintings from the master artists David Uhl and John Guillemette. The weeklong rally had endless events and concerts that kept the party going and a special pool party was given to the first 500 campers that booked thru the website. There are already plans being laid out for more action in 2010, watch for upcoming details. For more details, go to
Thanks for all of your support,
Keep the Shiny Side up and the Rubber Side Down – and I’ll see you at the Spoke!


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