World's Biggest Biker Bar

Broken Spoke Racing Takes Home Two Records From Bonneville

After setting new attendance records at the Broken Spoke Saloons in Sturgis, I headed to Bonneville to continue my winning streak. With the help of Broken Spoke Racing Team, I defeated two past Land Speed Records this year at the Bonneville Salt Flats. The beginning of the week was spent fine-tuning and dialing in the 2005 S&S 124 cubic inch single cam motor. It also runs Rob Schopf B-2 heads and a Baker 6 speed tranny right out of the box. On Tuesday, Jay Allen surpassed the first Land Speed record of 120.392 to an outstanding 182.011 in the 3000cc APS-PF class. Following up on Thursday,I did it once again and gained another Land Speed record by over taking the past record of 142.875 to 184.667 in the 3000cc APS-PF class. The Broken Spoke Racing Team will be heading back to Bonneville to try to reach our goals of breaking the 200mph records. All of this leads up to the much anticipated Bub event at Bonneville, I am humbled to be apart of it. Keep  watching for updates on our progress!
I would like to thank all of our sponsors! You guys rule!
Keep the Shiny Side up and the Rubber Side Down – and I’ll see you at the Spoke!


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