World's Biggest Biker Bar

More from El Mirage

From Jill Inverson


These shots are from El Mirage, Ca. Nov 14th and 15th, the last race of the season and a two day event.
Jay’s first pass was on Saturday, and so far it was his personal best at El Mirage. 170.420mph on a SCTA minimum of 175 mph. Sunday brought a stiff headwind but Jay had extra seat time on the dirt course, with a total of 3 more runs.
Wink Eller was out with his Spirit of Cliff Gullett bike and he made one tuning run of 158 mph. Headwinds, and a duel between a door and his finger, had him sitting out Sunday’s round. 
Dave and I head out with my ’41 Indian and set a record of 106.001 on the last run Saturday.
Great fun.  Now we all have seven long months before the first meet in May, 2010. Lots of time to plan the next assault, be it on salt or dirt.



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