World's Biggest Biker Bar

Safety first

Photos by Lisa Ballard

The scene at last night’s  Limpnickie Lot Night at the Broken Spoke :  The night began with our traditional Limpnickie Burnouts. We had four bikes join in and within a few moments the crowd was full of excitement…until the following  -unthinkable – events played out.

One of the Limpnickie Lot burnout  motorcycles began to catch on FIRE and within a few seconds the entire bike became fully engulfed in flames!  We have to thank the unbelievable Broken Spoke crowd for their cooperation and patience while Jay Allen and his great
security staff  proceeded to get  this thing under control .  And a big thank you goes out to the volunteer  firefighters in the crowd who helped
the staff  last night.  It is because of their quick actions that the fire was put out so fast. We are happy to report that NO ONE was  injured through
out this ordeal.  Just remember – don’t try this at home!

It just goes to show you – you never know what you’ll find at the Broken
Spoke – especially when the Limpnickie Lot guys are there.  Did you know
they’re all staying at the Broken Spoke Campground [link:
<>] in
Sturgis again this year?  You’d better be there too!


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