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Laconia is getting ready for you

The crew at Laconia have been busting their tails to get the Broken Spoke Saloon in Laconia ready for the summer. Heather has sent over the event schedule for you to look over. There has been great bands lined up for your enjoyment and don’t forget about the weekly Bike Night.

Thanks to everyone for making the Broken Spoke Saloon in Laconia, N.H. a great success!

Be sure to print this schedule off so you don’t miss a beat

Opening Day!!! 5/18/2010
Weekly Bike Night w/ Laconia Harley & NH HOG Chapters 5/20/2010
Tripwire 5/22/2010
Eric Grant Trio 5/28/2010
Childz Play 5/29/2010
BIKE WEEK 6/12/2010-6/20/2010
Eric Grant Trio 6/25/2010
Tripwere 6/26/2010
Pete Snow 6/4/2010
Sneeky Pete 6/5/2010
Grinning Lizards 7/10/2010
Dan Lawson Band 7/17/2010
Kassidy’s Ride 7/17/2010
Pete Snow 7/2/2010
Childz Play 7/24/2010
Eric Grant Trio- 7/30/2010
Sneeky Pete- 7/31/2010
1st Annual Dan Duggan Ride for a Cure 7/31/2010
Grinning Lizards – 8/14/2010
Southern Breeze 8/21/2010
Pete Snow 8/6/2010
Eric Grant Band- 8/7/2010
Eric Grant Band 9/18/2010
Pete Snow 9/3/2010
Eric Grant Band 9/4/2010

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