World's Biggest Biker Bar

Don’t forget about the Tribute to Custom and Speed Build

Attention Laconia fans, you will be able to watch a tribute Biker Build  like no other between Wink Eller a.k.a Speed vs Dave Perewitz a.k.a. Customs , who will be joined by his daughter Jody, during Laconia Bike Week at the Broken Spoke Saloon. Jay Allen and his staff have rolled up their sleeves to produce a massive stage for these two masters to create their one off builds on.

Dave Perewitz is the Godfather of Customs, pioneering the way for all of the future motorcycle builders. Wink Eller has carried the torch for land speed racing for many years and holds countless records that no one have been able to come close to.

This jaw-dropping  event will start on Wednesday and finish on Saturday when they will both start up their bikes and lead the pack on a fun filled ride with Wink, Dave and Jody Perewitz that YOU can . be apart of. The ride will start at noon so make sure to get there early to claim your spot.

We would like to thank S&S and Baker for their sponsorship of the awesome event!


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