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Meet Cool Bike Tunes


“I started Cool Bike Tunes a bit over 3 years ago in Florida. I have moved the company to Il scene. I did not intend on starting a company when I built the first one I just didn’t like what was on the market. The prices were high and the sound quality was just not there, not to mention that the speakers were not astatically pleasing and could not be easily removed. So I built my own and installed it on my bike. Not long after installing it my riding buddy asked me to build one for his bike. He took his to a local shop and told me that several people want to have me make them one.


Things just started snow balling after that so I thought I had better apply for a patent. I then formed a LLC and started a web site. The system sells its self as soon as people here it and find out the price the love it. I try to keep my prices where you can’t buy the parts and build it yourself for less. It has been a long time coming but I have help running the many aspects of the company now such as Rod Scalf my lead sales Rep. and Kimberly Leighton my V.P. who is a stickler on quality and small details as well as others who are involved. We are proud of the fact that Cool Bike tunes are made in America and that we do not ask people to press one for English when they call. Each customer’s order is handled on a personal level and we make many custom mounts to suit our customer’s needs”.Yours Truly, Greg Barclift (owner)

Make sure to stop by the Cool Bike Tunes booth at the County Line


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