World's Biggest Biker Bar

Get your MOJO on!

DSC_0359We are proud to announce that MOJO will be sponsoring  Laura Lynn & Lucas Hoge Live At Pool & Tiki Bar from Aug. 7th Thru Aug. 14th. The Broken Spoke staff will be serving their EXCLUSIVE DRINKS; MOJO Sex on a Bike and the MOJO Easy Rider. Our downtown Broken Spoke location will have EXCLUSIVE MOJO Mike with MIKE’S Hard Lemonade all week long. That’s not all, join the MOJO staff at the pool for their friendly game"Bagging the MOJO" . All of the  proceeds will go to Jay’s charity of choice the FOOTHILLS ASSISTED LIVING OF STURGIS, SD

This is how it works:

DSC_0362 Customer pays $ 5.00 to play receives a 2.2oz. bottle of MOJO to start. They get 4 bags, if they make 3 they get a MOJO prize. If they make 4 they get a larger prize, plus their name goes into a drawing for $ 1,000.00 which we will give away at the end of the event. MOJO will donate all profits to  FOOTHILLS ASSISTED LIVING OF STURGIS, SD.This game will go on all day and night at the pool.

What is MOJO BOOST™?

DSC_0352 MOJO BOOST™ is the #1 selling designer functional beverage that provides hours of physical enhancement for men and women. It is formulated with a powerful proprietary formula of nitric oxide (how Viagra TM works) and testosterone boosters propelled by energy enhancers, vitamins, amino acids and clinically proven non-prescription blends.

The “Viagra Connection”

Viagra and MOJO BOOST™ both use the very specific function of Nitric Oxide to enable their products to provide the desired results. Viagra is a prescription pharmaceutical while MOJO BOOST™ is a Non-Prescription Pharmaceutical designer beverage. MOJO BOOST™ contains a prescription component, but due to our proprietary formulation we are licensed to sell MOJO BOOST™ without a prescription!

MOJO BOOST™ and Viagra may have some common elements, but it is the differences that make MOJO BOOST™ such a phenomenal product.

  • MOJO BOOST™ is first and foremost the world class leader for designer functional beverages providing your body with an amazing formula for consistent high octane performance without letdown or crash. You will not find a better way to increase and maintain your energy and stamina regardless of the activity – no amount of Viagra will do that!
  • MOJO BOOST’s™ positive effect on the endocrine system greatly improves libido and thus sexual stimulation.
  • MOJO BOOST™ increases mental alertness and focus for sustained enjoyment of activities.
  • MOJO BOOST™ enhancement formula provides Complete Confidence – and that is the difference between a normal night and a MOJO night!

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