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Here’s to another successful year of the BAKER Smoke-Down Showdown at our new home, the Broken Spoke County Line!


Press release by Trish Horstman

Being the originators of the drag race style, head-to-head burnout competition in Sturgis, BAKER was prepared to make this year more monumental than any year before, and we did just that! We put over 20 builders, during two nights, poised 6 feet in the air on our amazing Burnout Cage built by the legendary Wink Eller and Jay Allen. These industry giants went head-to-head, two-by-two until in the end, both nights, only one man was left standing… and both nights it was the same guy!

The competition changed a little this year: we took out the element of BAKER judges and put in a fool proof system. We checked for 1st gear, you do the burnout, you hit an indicator button to declare you’re in 5th gear, we check for 5th, and if you are: you win! So it made the competition more exciting and fast paced – no longer was it first to 5th, but also fastest on the button!

When all the smoke cleared, the winner both nights was, without a doubt, Kevin Alsop of Big Bear Choppers.

BAKER Drivetrain would like to send out a huge thank you to all who participated and to our generous sponsors: Spectro Oils, Biker’s Choice and Indian Motorcycles of Chicago. Also thanks to the folks who dove in at the last minute to fill spaces left by guys who bailed. Your spontaneity and desire for burnt rubber is only matched by our gratitude! We would also like to thank Jay Allen and the Broken Spoke Saloon for hosting our nights of mayhem!

The greatest news is that the BAKER and Broken Spoke burnout cage is going to be travelling to all rallies and will live at the Broken Spoke. We promise BAKER night at the Spoke will never be without some smoke and fury again!

Builders this year: (in no particular order):

Monday Night:

· Ken Wolfe: S&S Cycles: Defending Champ from 2009

· Kevin Alsop: Big Bear Choppers: Champion of 2010

· Scott Parker: Scott Parker Racing

· Gina Woods: Open Road Radio

· Rebecca Mitchell

· Huck Hemphill: Radical Baggers

· Satya Kraus: Kraus Motorcycle Company

· Wink Eller: Wink Eller Racing

· Jay Allen: Broken Spoke Saloon

· Kirk Taylor: Custom Design Studios

· Jon "Jooky" Hayslip: Court House Customs

· Steve Jones: Eden Chopper Class

Friday night participants:
(here are a few industry folks who dove in!)

· Kevin Alsop: Big Bear Choppers: Reigning Champion 2010

· Rick: Orange County Choppers

· Nate: Stutsman Harley Davidson

· Dave: Exile Cycles

· Justin: S&S Cycles

· Tim: Brass Balls Bobbers and Choppers

· Kevin “Teach” Baas : Baas Metalcraft

We are already gearing up for future competitions, so keep an eye out for information! – or hit up Trish at: 1-877-640-2004 or


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